Thought we should try something different tonight. Fact is, any true car enthusiast will appreciate a post like this and we’re honored to be sharing these exclusive photos with you. If you’re not familiar with this masterpiece by now, allow to tell you a few things you should probably know. You’re looking at one of the finest cars made in the recent history, a Ferrari 599XX’s. It’s a 720HP track-only beast that only a few fortunate gentleman will get a chance to own. Costing more than some of us will make in our lifetime at $1,500,000.00 is just the beginning. We all know that a simple oil & filter change will cost more than a set of brand spanking new 3 piece wheels. Let’s not talk about that though. This rolling piece of engineering has a lot more going for it than just what your eyes see. Read More below.

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Since this is a wheel fitment website after all, it’s only fair to share some wheel specs with you. Front wheels are 19×11 even though they don’t seem like it due to the wide fenders, while the rears are 19×12. If you’re really curious about the 599XX’s suspension, we urge you to do a simple Google search for “Magnetorheological Suspension Control” and you’ll get an idea. Behind those extremely lightweight BBS wheels you’ll notice what appear to be extraterrestrial discs. On a serious note, the 599XX features carbon-ceramic brakes that feature carbon fiber covers which help with the cars aerodynamics as well as brake cooling. It puts your standard big brake kits to shame, to say the least.

No, those are not turbos in the trunk there, they’re actually fans that suck all the air from under the rear diffuser and out onto the rear wing. Every body panel is put to the ultimate use. Starting with those lightweight carbon fiber fenders that feature F1-like scoops down to those shark like fins that you see on the C-pillars. We’ll end this with a few more photos below. We urge you to watch the video on the bottom of this post. Make sure you click the Read More button and share your thoughts!

And here is something that is absolutely necessary to watch when talking about the 599XX’s. Please make sure you watch it in full screen and at 1080P. It’ll be well worth your time, we guarantee it.